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A professionally managed engineering company, Wai Tak Lung Engineering Factory has become a preferred establishment in the global market for sourcing hi-tech solutions at industry leading rates. Our Dongguan, Guangdong (China) based enterprise maintains smart technology machines and equipment at an advanced production unit to design, develop and produce Pairing Double Twist Buncher, European Design High Speed Braiding Machine, Auto Cooler Machine Basket Take Up Wire Machine, Halogen Free Cable Extrusion Machine, etc. Our heavy duty and fast working machines have in them the best components and technology, which makes these efficient and successful.

Exporter and manufacturer business roles that we have been playing since 1998 are getting to us more and more accolades and customers. Quality production is done by us to provide our customers nothing short of cost-effective and value-for-money machines.

International Trading

The job of internationally trading requires an establishment to have strong financial back and supportive experts. Knowing this and with a desire of establishing our business across international markets, we have made our financial position strong and hired experts at our company. With the assistance of both of these, we have been able to market and supply our heavy duty machines, worldwide. For international trading, we follow stringent norms of international countries.

Our Vision

To deliver a technologically advanced line of machines that exceeds the expectations of customers in all terms- be it functionality, design or cost.


To always improve on technology and quality production basis and maintain highest level of ethics at workplace.

Our Team

At Wai Tak Lung Engineering Factory, we have a team of smart professionals. The count of our team is currently 70 (Approx.), but with time, this number is intended to increase with our progress as a production company of Halogen Free Cable Extrusion Machine, High Speed Taping Machine Tape Wrapping Machine, etc.

Reasons To Choose Us

  • Our China located company is powerful to provide customers a completely advanced line of machines.
  • Our company is committed to delivering only the best solutions to customers in the form of fast delivery service and customization facility.
  • Our company has a large network of export, worldwide.

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